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Setup and Design Services

We understand how busy you are and we know that every new software platform has a learning curve. Allow us to simplify your life by setting up and even designing your website for you. This initial service includes 3 hours labor, which is enough time to do the following:


  • Create a header image
  • Choose / create a color theme
  • Create a mobile header image
  • Choose (and purchase) up to three stock images for your website
  • Choose fonts


  • Configure* all the tools you will be using for your website
  • Setup your store with at least one book
  • Setup the menus and link them to your pages (some of which will need your attention)

Before we begin this service, we discuss your needs and decide how to best manage our time. Our goal is to do all the hard stuff and let you just enter the text of your pages. *By "configure," we mean go get the tools working and customized with your information, but many tools, such as the online course, will still need you to enter the content.

This service is available for a one-time fee of just $99. Any additional time requested is billed at $50/hour. You can purchase this service separately by clicking the button below, or choose this service when you order your hosting.

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